Moving Internationally

Capital Relocation Group can help you each step of the way to ensure your international move is smooth from start to finish. Moving from state-to-state is already a big feat in itself, but heading overseas can feel even more overwhelming. With plenty of things to think about and considerations that you might not even realize, letting the professionals take control and lead you through the process will help take a huge weight off your shoulders.

The Long Road

Your belongings are valuable–that’s why you want them to stay with you at your new home across the world! It’s a long road that, for many, can’t just be driven across. We can ensure your items arrive at their destination after a smooth transition from moving trucks and trailers to boats and container ships to airplanes and back down. Whatever your items need, we can help!

Transportation options for international moves come in all forms, and we help you navigate the waters. There is important documentation that needs to be addressed when moving items from one governing body to another, as well as plenty of other considerations to take in. We have the background and know-how to ensure all the boxes are ticked for this process.

Keeping Your Valuables Safe And Secure

When packing and moving your belongings, you may worry about damage, breakage and climate problems. With our high standards and years of experience, we understand the importance of keeping items secure during transport.

Ensuring your items are expertly packed into the crate, container or trailer will take away the worry of such a long haul move. There are plenty of additional options which will help you feel secure in your moving choice, such as tracking the shipment online and replacement insurance options. Having an added level of protection can help you rest easy while you wait for your items at their destination.


International moves come with a lot of extra baggage, and that’s not including your belongings! The added paperwork and considerations such as customs clearances, transport options, and documentation can give anyone a headache. But not us! With years of experience under our belts in international moves, we can help you along the journey.

At the beginning of your consultation, we will assess how best to move your items in the time frame you desire. There are many different moving types and deadlines and we take your lead on this, working with you to ensure your needs are met. Capital Relocation Group also has storage options which may help you with any unique time frames, especially in regards to moving overseas.

Worrying about possible damage to your fragile items is lessened thanks to the excellent care our movers take when packing your belongings into the transport unit. We have experience in the most unique and specific moves which helps us confidently pack and move as far as around the world as needed with your items.

International Satisfaction

Having been working various moves for so long, we know the best methods and routes to take for all types of moves. Moving huge machinery or automobiles might be best by container ship while moving priceless artifacts might be better by air. We will give a full assessment to ensure everything your items need is taken care of in a timely, cost-effective and safe manner.

Speaking of safety, the safety and security of your items are kept a top priority from our end. Moving internationally includes many different facets, in all of which we ensure safety and security first and foremost. From the moment your items leave your possession to their arrival at the final destination, we have you covered.

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