The Best Solution For Specialized Moves

Moving specific, unique and/or costly equipment or items is made easy with Capital Relocation Group. Thanks to years of experience, our knowledgeable movers provide excellent customer service and have a knack for moving everything under the sun, and they will ensure the safe and secure relocation of your specialized move.

Relocating anything–from a residence to an office to a whole warehouse–can be tough. Things can be even more complicated when what you are moving isn’t something that you can just put in the back of a truck and drive away. This is where we come in.

We are fully trained and qualified to move your specialized items and equipment with the utmost care and concern for the safety and security of each individual item. No move is too tough for us. Having plenty of experience in moving the most unique of objects, we have the equipment and the know-how to get your items safely to their destination.

Unique, Antique, Electronic Or Fragile

There are many moves that can fall under the specialized category. Antique items–big or small–are incredibly valuable monetarily and otherwise. Let us show you how we take care of each piece while moving it from its current location to the truck and safely to its new home. Each piece will get the same tender loving care as the next until everything is safely moved.

Another popular specialized move includes any type of computer or data equipment. Electronic items such as a whole office of computers and data storage are sure to be a huge part of any office move. The data and equipment are of immense value and needs to be handled delicately and efficiently to get the business back up and running. Let Capital Relocation Group handle this important move from start to finish.

Personal Specialized Moves

Unique, specialized moves do not necessarily have to be large, commercial or industrial properties relocating from one property to another. You may have a fine art collection that needs incredible care taken during packing and moving. Or perhaps you have other unique and impressive sculptures or art pieces that need to be taken care of. We can handle it all thanks to the detailed care we give to each piece.

Cars, trucks, scooters and motorcycles can also be moved with Capital Relocation Group. That’s right, we can move your automobile across the country with care and ease, ensuring its safe relocation without worry.

Sizing It Up

Every specialized move will be given the exact care you would give to your items. For the entire moving process, our experienced movers will ensure everything is wrapped and stored in the trucks with precision and the utmost care.

Some items may be large, small or oddly shaped. We know how to ensure the safety of these items and have all of the equipment needed to move even the most usually-shaped item. We have trucks and trailers in varying sizes which can handle the biggest move you have!

Working with Capital Relocation Group for your unique and specialized move will help you understand that there is nothing to worry about. Our efficiency is evident, and the great care our movers give–paired with the cost-effective moves we offer for different budgets–mean you’ve found the best deal for the safe and secure relocation of your specialized items.

Inquire today if you are still unsure about your unique item and how its move could be handled. Let our experienced staff help explain the options available to you and how we will ensure the safest and most efficient relocation for you.

International Satisfaction

We know the best methods and routes to take for all types of moves because we have been working on a variety of moves for so long. Moving huge machinery or automobiles might be best by container ship while moving priceless artifacts might be better by air. We will give a full assessment to ensure everything your items need is taken care of in a timely, cost-effective and safe manner.

Speaking of safety, the safety and security of your items are kept a top priority from our end. Moving internationally includes many different facets, in all of which we ensure safety and security first and foremost. From the moment your items leave your possession to their arrival at the final destination, we have you covered.

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