Residential and Commercial Storage Services

Furniture, records, computers, large equipment, artwork, cars–whatever you need storing, we can help! Whether you are looking for short-term or long-term storage options, Capital Relocation Group has got your back.

Storing items between moves is a common need when relocating, and we understand that. With flexible dates and options and state-of-the-art storage space, we can ensure your items are kept in pristine conditions where everything is taken care of. We ensure the storage warehouses we use are the correct temperature and level of humidity, and we have excellent security and surveillance. You don’t need to worry about the care of your items because we have everything covered.

We Store It All

From household furniture to important records to automobiles to an entire office’s equipment, we really can store it all for you. We have seen some really unique and valuable items that need to be safely and securely stored for extended periods of time.

With state-of-the-art surveillance and CCTV coverage in storage warehouses, you can be sure your items are secure. Above surveillance, we also ensure no boxes or storage pallets are placed on the ground, with pallets placed in the best conditions for the items.

Whether your storage containers include household items or precious, valuable commercial products or even equipment and machinery for a new industrial plant, we have space and the knowledge to properly store your belongings as long as you need. Your items are stored in clean facilities which are regularly checked for pests and with daily climate control for the very best atmosphere.

For All Of The In-Betweens

Moving and relocation timelines can be tight. You may find that you need to leave your current home or business on a specific date with a small or large gap in between. Or perhaps you are building a new business and have acquired what you need but cannot move it in yet.

Having short-term and long-term storage options that are flexible and still secure is a great solution for many situations. If you find yourself at the last minute in need of a safe, clean and well-kept storage warehouse for your belongings, inquire with us. With the security of surveillance and the safety of temperature and humidity controlled environment, we’ve got your back.

Specialized Storage Services

Don’t worry if you think you will need a longer storage stay than normal. We can hold your items for as long as you need before relocating them to a new place. You may even want to utilize long-term storage during upgrades to your building or business. Moving furniture, files, records, and equipment out while renovations are taking place is the best way to ensure your items are safe and not damaged.

When you entrust your possessions to someone, you want to ensure they have every angle covered. Don’t waste your time with other container style storage rooms, where nobody is keeping an eye or caring about your special items. Capital Relocation Group knows the importance of proper storage space and understands what is needed.

Our warehouses have pallets and containers to fit any oddly-shaped piece of equipment or furniture you have. The facilities can hold documents, artwork and other priceless items which need to be held in a specific climate or moisture-free environment. For specific inquiries, just check with our team to see how we can best store your belongings.

For long and short term storage options that ensure your items stay safe, secure and in the same condition you left them, inquire with Capital Relocation Group to learn all the options available for your needs.

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